Diana M (July 8 Four Day Class)

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this class! It was extremely efficient and informative. I had no idea going in, how much I could learn in only 4 days, and make me feel much more comfortable and prepared to actually start driving. I also liked the different presentation methods, such as PowerPoint, white board drawings, videos and discussions. It allowed me to pay much more attention and be engaged. I am very glad I took this class in advance and truly feel like I will be a defensive driver! πŸ™‚

Ken was a wonderful instructor because of his relaxed approach to the class. I enjoyed his personal stories and comedy Β he brought! He is very approachable and friendly, so I did not hesitate to ask any questions! πŸ™‚ Wonderful instructor!

I would 100% recommend this class to anyone else due to the reasons mentioned above. I really enjoyed my time here!”


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Our goal is to produce competent and confident drivers regardless of age by training them safe and defensive driving practices when making decisions on busy city streets, highways, and freeways.

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