Leah S (July 8 Four Day Class)

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“I came into the in-class lessons having heard from friends that went to Brantford saying “be prepared to be bored!” I didn’t find that to be the case at all.

Ken kept the class interesting and made learning more enjoyable. Instead of just reading from a driver’s manual, he made his teaching personal through stories which I liked.

I came having had some previous knowledge/driving experience but feel FAR more confident than I did prior because of the excellent teaching/content covered.

The videos we watched (although dated at times) were still useful and entertaining.

I would wholeheartedly suggest to someone needing lessons to come and take their in-class here.



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Our goal is to produce competent and confident drivers regardless of age by training them safe and defensive driving practices when making decisions on busy city streets, highways, and freeways.

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