Meagan F (August 19 Four Day Class)

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In my opinion, Peter was a very good and thorough instructor. He went into detail how to do the necessary maneuvers as well as why we need each step. I was very pleased with how well he explained safety procedures to prevent and/or deal with a collision. Peter was good at engaging the class and making learning enjoyable.

The Four Day Course is a good format because it is easily completed and we can move on to in-car lessons very quickly. On each day, I didn’t forget what we learned previously because we just did it the day before. It was easy to build on previous knowledge.

The course overall was very well done! The only suggestion I have is that there were less videos because I found them less engaging than Peter telling us. Otherwise, I would leave the course as it is because I found it very effective.

I would definitely recommend Defensive Drivers to my friends! I really like how they teach us how to drive in all conditions and circumstances and not only to pass our Ministry test. Thank you!


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Our goal is to produce competent and confident drivers regardless of age by training them safe and defensive driving practices when making decisions on busy city streets, highways, and freeways.

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