Information about the online course

The student will learn at their own pace 20 hours of theory, all hours will be accounted for, just like it would be in class with videos and slides, if there is any questions the student will send a message by email. After completion there is 10 hours of in car training. the online course is a curriculum with all topics that the students need to learn online on their computer via internet at home. After making a email transfer payment to: (Email Transfer preferred no charges from the bank) Copy this URL into your browser The URL for this site is Select defensive drivers Ontario inc for the list you should receive a response to log in and start the course . If there is any questions please send us an email, thanks you.

Once payment is done you can start right away


  • Defensive Drivers Ontario Inc. has produced thousands of safe and confident drivers since 1983. Thanks to the high quality teaching and the team of amazing instructors, we have been nominated for the Readers Choice Award 2014 by Hamilton News and granted the Bronze Prize.

  • Defensive Drivers Ontario inc. is a limited company in the beautiful town of Dundas. Our passion is to teach our student to drive safely and defensively and more than that we work with dignity and heartily.

  • We help students, first-time adult drivers, experienced drivers, newcomers to Canada and senior drivers to acquire their driver’s licence and a life skill.

  • Our team of highly trained and experienced instructors is dedicated to top quality education using the latest available curriculum and personalized teaching approach. No matter which instructor you choose to teach you, their expertise and support will guide you in making confident and right decisions on the road.